The gift of a Retreat

Are you looking for a refuge? A place for quiet and reflection? Harmony Woods Retreat Center can be medicine for your weary soul. We are located just 15 minutes south of downtown Spokane near the beautiful James T. Slavin Conservation Area. Check out our wide array of retreats, classes, and workshops. You can also reserve the center for a private retreat for individuals, families, groups, or staff retreats.

Harmony Woods Retreat Center is a nonprofit with a vision of holding sacred space for rest, renewal, and transformation.

Retreats provide a unique opportunity to slow down, re-center, and harmonize body, mind, and spirit. Consider taking time individually, or for your family, church, staff, or friends to replenish in nature, with a wide array of options from meditation retreats, herbal classes, art retreats, yoga classes, support groups, Days of Renewal, mindful self-compassion group, Work That Reconnects workshops, silent retreats, and more!

Our Facility

Meeting Space
front of yurt with fowers and rainbow
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front of yurt with rainbow
sunny back of yurt with flowers
outdoor yurt
tan bathroom
second bedroom-tan bath
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utility bedroom at night
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The main meeting room has seating for 40 with access to projector and projector screen, tables, and other amenities. There are 4 bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms, and a commercial kitchen.

Harmony Woods Prayer

Come to the Sanctuary
And find rest for your weary soul

If you listen deeply,
You will hear beautiful music

This melody is stirred to life
in the Silence

Oh yes, these calm waters
will still your worries and soothe your aching wounds

Lay down your heavy burdens at the doorstep
You will not need them here

You will be invited to a new way of being and living
you will find yourself aligning…moment by moment,
body, mind, spirit…
recognizing your wholeness
and union with all that is

Harmony will well up
amongst those who come here together,
seeking that which they already are,
that which they know to be true
in the marrow of their bones
and their deepest, truest self

And together truth, joy, and love come to dance in their midst
like a glowing campfire warming them as they gather in circle

Here in these woods, the ancient trees
will carry your deepest longings
up to the sky to set them free

Their deep roots will reach into the deepest parts of your soul
to unearth that which you truly are and long for
and carry them like a conduit into the light of day

As you sit in stillness you will hear the music
as the wind blows through the trees and they sway
in unison to an ancient wisdom

Here in these ordinary woods, this ordinary place,
you will find a sacred space within
where you can reside always

This is not a place people come and go
it is a sanctuary, a portal
to a space that you will never leave,
a place where we all reside,
a space where all is one,
and all abides in harmony.

11507 S. Keeney Road

Spokane, WA 99224