Please consider making a donation to the Center

You may make a one-time donation or recurring donations of any amount.

We believe that all people need retreats to rejuvenate, re-center, and enter sacred space where transformation happens. Your donation means that one more person will have this opportunity.

Harmony Woods Retreat Center was created with a vision of providing free retreats to individuals, families, and groups. How often do we decide not to go on a retreat because of the cost or the complexity of getting time away? We believe in making retreats easy and accessible for EVERYONE. We believe retreats can be a regular support to our wellbeing and not a privilege for the few. This vision is made possible through your partnership and generosity.

Generosity blesses both the giver and the receiver. We never really see the full fruits of each act of generosity because the ripple effect goes beyond our vision, but we all know it changes the world. We ourselves are sustained by the countless acts of generosity from others. Generosity brings hope and healing when it is needed most. Together let’s create some waves!

Thank you for joining our vision!