Our Harmony Woods prayer for you this day:


Too often we live too far outside of ourselves, stretching just a bit too far beyond ourselves either in work, in play, interests, virtual interactions, food, relationships, support to others, attachments, addictions, envy, greed, fear, etc. But we are being called back to our center to live in the solid serenity and integrity of our being. To tap the wellspring of Goodness within. When we live in right relationship with ourselves and our bodies, our SOURCE, we live in right relationship with all that is beyond us as well. Our external relationship with all that is without us naturally just falls into place, the right balance of just the right enough with everything around us, not too much and not too little. But j….u…..s…..t right.

Today may you stand solid and grounded, your bones supporting your body to stand, and the wisdom of the marrow of your bones to help you understand how to stand in right relationship within yourself and without.

Here’s a HW meditation for you this day:

Stand erect with your body in full alignment, palms at your side open, arms gently and naturally fall to your side at a slight distance from your body, feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, pelvis tucked, spine erect with an imaginary tail gently drawing your tailbone down to touch the solid life force grounding energy of the earth. Then imagine light stretching up through the pelvis, through your spine out the top of your head reaching up and out towards the powerful source of support and strength of this full moon, solstice energy and then dropping that energy down like powerful light beams of the energy of love and peace and the lightness of being back down to the ground and around the whole body creating and orb, an egg of light surrounding and grounding and protecting the body. The light and life force energy of peace and goodness and beauty then replenished by all the energetic force of the magnetic poles and the generous and abundant life force energy of the earth replenishing that light and energy with even more solid grounding and force and then travels back into the body through the pelvic floor and then up and in and through the spine out the top of the head to reach and receive all the light and life force cosmic, expanding energy of the universe up and out and around the earth and your body, cascading down in orbs of light and life force energy around you like an egg of light that protects you from overextending or collapsing within but rather with upright, erect, powerful, ever resourceful life force energy of love and peace to dwell within you and around you throughout this day.

If you want to play into this even more, you can slowly and gently rotate your shoulders and the palms of your hands inwards and outwards.

Alternate between slightly stretching your shoulders back, your chest lifted, palms facing forward, deep breathes in and out and allow the chest cavity and belly to fully expand and release and let the breath out and the body to breathe out any stress or tension, guilt or shame, fear or doubt, with the exhale. Breathe this way throughout the whole body until you feel you’ve released all you are holding on to that you are ready to let go of.

Then slowly and gently roll your shoulders forward, arch your back roll your palms back, with your thumbs rotating in towards the body and then back to face your back, palms facing out. Allowing your whole spine to elongate, the energy to travel up through the whole spine and out the top. Begin slightly, slowly, bending your head and feel the stretch in the neck, and slightly allow the head to draw your eyes downward towards your bare feet on the earth.

Then begin slowly sucking the energy up through your pelvic floor, traveling up your spine one vertebrae at a time and out the top of the head. Alternate sucking in the gut and the energy pushing the energy up your chest and back and allow yourself to release it out the neck and throat, out the back of the neck and out the head with a bit of forceful exhale, finally shooting it out the top of the head, allowing the shoulders to drop, the arms to fall forwards, and dangle effortlessly in front of the slightly bent body, allow them to dangle like gently swirling pendulums of release and peace and ease and breathe into the letting go. Slowly and gently and effortlessly releasing all of yourself, your being, or what you are carrying down to the solid ground of support and love and generous holding of our mother earth.

Then play with both of those motions on the inhale and exhale, alternating between the arching of your back and the expanding of your chest and the rotating of your palms forward facing and backward facing. And then do any organic movement from there to stretch and shake out and release whatever you are ready to release….

Pacha Mama’s Gotcha!

Pacha mama’s gotcha. You are held in love and light and cared for. Your feet are fully grounded on her solid self. You can draw up strength from her solid knowing and endurance and perseverance. The way knows the way. She has seen herself and you through many ups and downs, many tragedies and sorrows, much tumult and turmoil and yet here she sits in solid peace and knowing and grace and love.

And her soft winds of gentle care come to slowly caress your face and body and whole being with her knowing love. There is a force, a Source, a BEING, KNOWING LOVE within and around you that surrounds you and holds you even when you have forgotten it or become confused or don’t remember your belovedness and belonging to your self, your soul, your Source, your earth, your people.

This force, this Grace, will help weave you back together again in right relationship and being within and without as all is reordered and realigned. If you find yourself misaligned, there is always a coming HOME into peace and truth and love and belonging where you belong. Don’t lose hope if you ever forget that or others do or if it feels we have a collective forgetting and fighting and using and abusing and blaming and hating and judging and separation. Because there is always and always will be a gentle, a powerful coming HOME to ourselves, to TRUTH, to the truth of our BEING within and without. There is no true out of alignment, it all, always comes back Home in the end, even if that’s a very, very long arc that we can’t ever see the beginning or end of, it’s there and you can either choose to align with that knowing now in the marrow of your bones or you can forget it and live out of alignment and the solid truth of that knowing and you will feel fear and greed and lose hope and despair and feel anxiety coursing through your veins tempting you to explode in anger, shake in anxiety, or collapse in fear. BUT there is a strength within and beyond and around you. Will you choose to open to it and create alliances of trust and truth, and goodness, and make beauty and creativity together? Will you dance and play with love and light and those around you in creative fun and goodness. Why not? If this ship is going down, if this shit is going down. Why not choose to live love why you have this gift of life in your belly, heart, chest, mind, and body. Because that’s the one and only thing you can ever choose in authenticity and integrity. To live and love life, your Source, your Self, one another, and our common home together.

Together we STAND, together WE ARE, TOGETHER we are the change we want to see, WE ARE each other’s signposts HOME

We are each other’s guides when we have been lost or forgotten who and what we truly are. I’m going home, I’m standing in my truth, will you join me? Will you stand in the truth of your BEING, your KNOWING, your LOVE, your LIGHT, and the WISDOM in the MARROW of YOUR bones. It’s there, it’s always been there, and it ALWAYS will be. You just have to return to it, to come HOME to yourself and your wisdom and your knowing. It’s all right there within you and around you. Choose it now, in yourself and choose to align with all those who know it too. This ship is gonna rock and you can either join the party and this beautiful dance of life we are all collectively living. Or you can sit in fear and doubt and loneliness and anger and powerlessness and despair, but we all know that’s no fun and there is a better way. We just have to choose it for ourselves, together every day, every moment, we know the truth, we know the way, we just need to choose it HERE and NOW.

Together we weave it all back together again. We reorder the disorder, we realign what is out of alignment, we choose the truth and love and goodness and beauty that we are. Why waste our time lost, it’s way too fun to come home and dance and live the dream that is dreaming us AWAKE. Stop your nightmares and ride the faith of this truth like a NIGHT MARE that will carry you through any dark dream or alley way or fear, HOME to the truth hidden in the dark marrow of your bones. It is meant to carry you through any darkness of forgetting. It is the dark of your remembering, the moist humus soul soil of your becoming, the moon shining it’s love light path ahead of you, for you to walk and carry the marrow of your bones back to the TRUTH of your being and knowing and that’s a force too big and too heavy not to invite others not to do the same, because it’s a power calling us and drawing us all back together again within and without. Don’t delay, don’t doubt, just come back home.

And if you feel like you need help to do that. Harmony Woods can be your spiritual home, your remembering place where we RE-MEMBER ourselves back together again. WHOLELY and FULLY home and belonging in right relationship. Why would we want to be any where else?

COME. ALL are WELCOME, no matter if you have money, if you have none, come. If you have some, and want to share, come. Share your burdens and your talents, your doubts and believing. We need it all, our heavy and our light, it all belongs and together we can weave a basket big enough to hold us all. The NEST of our re-birth!

We all have TIME, if you feel you have none, come anyways. Time is just the tool you use to make yourself anew. Take the time you need to do what’s right within you and without and it all begins to take place in right time and right order. Bring your dis-ordered mind or life or body, your DISORDER, whatever label they’ve given you or you’ve given yourself, it’s time to take it back home to the truth we all know. We can live in order and disorder all at the same time, we may tip too far in either direction, but life has a way of bringing us back in to balance and surrender and alignment and truth, and the peace that resides gently, dangling right in front of and within you.

A Pendulum of Gracious, allowing GRACE

like a pendulum of gracious, allowing grace, that enables you to tip and to stray, to get off balance and to come back into alignment.

In the end, there’s no real separating us from TRUTH and the knowing of this BEING, it is the fulcrum that is your very heart that you can’t live without, and if you let it, it will align your brain and your body to dangle in alignment with it’s truth and knowing and guiding light

Paving a path for you to walk in alignment with all that is and live in interbeing with all that is in “disorder” or “order”.

It always invites us to reorder.

To order up the truth and goodness we all know we are and deserve. We are meant to feast on this abundance that never runs dry, that tastes too delicious to withstand the gravity of our longing and delight.

We are made to eternally feast on this pleasure, this wellspring of Life and Love that is our very being. Why hold yourself back from what you know to be true.

Whatever seems to be pulling you out of alignment. Stop arguing with it as if you need it or are under its control or pull or force. Choose your own life force of Truth energy in your body and being. IT IS THERE, I PROMISE, if it seems lost, just look and feel DEEP enough. through the layers of pain or guilt or shame or fear or labels or lies, there is no time for those now, cut the ties that bind you to the false and don’t think you are powerless. You are the POWER to choose LIFE, LOVE, your SELF and the truth of all being and love. Don’t tarry or weary or doubt or complain or think it’s someone else’s fault or too hard or too far gone. It’s just a step away. Take it.

BE the BOSS…you want to see in the world.

Be the BOSS now for your Self, for your loved ones, for the ones you haven’t yet learned how to love, for the Earth, for our collective knowing and belonging. We don’t have time to waste on games and lies and distraction and pain and killing and fear and doubt. It’s time to choose truth and love and generosity and goodness. Why waste your time and your being on anything less. Choose alignment with every breath and choice you can. And don’t waste time on the past breaths and choices that weren’t in alignment or anyone else’s, there’s no looking back, there’s no blaming without, there’s no worrying what’s to come. Just choose truth and love now and here in your own being and body and life. Let the rest fall away, let the rest re-order itself. Today is the time to choose you, to choose your knowing, your BEING, your SOURCE and that brings all the love we need in this world and this moment in time. STOP doing or thinking or saying or being anything other than what you are. BE SILENT. Stop trying to fight the polemic poles in this political time. Just LOVE in form. Dance and play with LOVE. Sing this new song singing you, because it’s true, it’s you, and it’s love.

Let the falling, yours or others, just be your graceful move up and in and without in an organic movement of forgiveness, grace, release, peace and truth. Do what you are. BE who you ARE. And together we are making and creating something too beautiful to resist. Suck up the lies and doubt, the collective clutter of chaos and endless, nonsense chatter into the gravity of Truth that resides in your marrow and your HEART, don’t let your head mess you up with any lies or bully you into believing something that’s not true. It’s time to be the BOSS of yourself.   

Put on your big Truth and Love pants and get to PLAY with all the love and light and fun GOODNESS you got. The play will WORK, stop working for anything, but BE for everything. Live and walk and love in the truth, and do the things that feed that and you will be fed and so will we. It’s time to stop trying so hard, just BE. With all the goodness and hardness that BEING true takes. Because Love is going to give you all the strength you need. Just ask. You will never be turned down by LOVE. It’s there always freely waiting to give Itself to you. You don’t have to deserve it or believe it even, it’s enough even when you don’t think you are. Take it in anyways, because it’s yours and always has been, just receive it and give it because it’s what you are.

The only difference between Illness and WEllnes is the I versus the WE

Together, we root out the lie, the self centered or ill centered I, and step into the WE of our WEllness, weaving ourselves back together again in alignment with each other and the earth once again. If you feel you need strength from others come try a program or two or check out NEW STORY SPOKANE to align with others.

If you feel too burdened by grief or despair or pain or lies, join our grief retreat in October, our song or drum circles our herbal classes, or the many giftings of all of our amazingly talented artists and healers and teachers and BEINGS living and loving and knowing what’s true in their marrow enough to share it. We are intentionally weaving a community together of believing and knowing and belonging together, because we need each other to do it, it was meant to be that way, we aren’t meant to live alone in separation or loneliness or isolation or despair. We are called to repair.

Join our intentional community gatherings monthly and help us re-member together.